— Forget Me Not
My grandmother was a dragon. A token of authority, dignity, honour and success, those born into the year of the dragon are considered highly lucky. At 90 years of age she was mother to eight, grandmother to eighteen, great-grandmother to ten and counting—and a sufferer of late-stage Alzheimer's Disease.

This series (2015-2019) portrays my experience over consequent trips to visit my maternal grandmother, Kong Fung Tsze, in Sandakan, Malaysia; a process of trying to understand more of who I am and who she is, while watching her lose her independence and sense of self.

The images move between the stillness of my grandmother in her room and the continuations of life outside the room. Although it's impossible to fully comprehend what people with Alzheimer's experience, this is my visual interpretation of the disorientating, challenging and repetitive nature of the condition, and the feelings that arise from watching the slow decline of a life of someone you cherish.

In loving memory of my grandmother Kong Fung Tsze (1928-2019).